Talha Olobi

Knock out!

DISCORD: Talha Olobi#8562

The Basics

Race: Miqo'te (Keepers of the Moon)

AGE: 18

Nameday: 32nd Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon

Guardian: Rhalgr, the Destroyer

HOMELAND: Northern Ilsabard

Family: Mashi (mother); Rysha'to (father); Sosuh (sister); Basah (sister); Duhsa (sister); Basah'a (nephew); Lakshi (niece)

Address: Lily Hills, Apt 17, Ward 23

SERVER: Balmung


ChocobosHot weather
New ExperiencesBullies
Tough peopleLiquor
Fergus AlvaneBeing called "runt"
Lemon BarsCowards
Gold SaucerPompousness
Spicy foodMagic



RP Hooks

  • Talha is young and inexperienced, but always happy to hear stories about the exploits of other adventurers, especially if there was a good fight involved.

  • She is always looking to find new training partners or anyone who would like to spar with her.

  • Talha tends to notice and loudly call attention to others doing anything she deems unusual or suspicious in her vicinity.

  • Trying to flirt with her will certainly get her attention, but not very good attention.

  • She is very fond of chocobos and will excitedly tell you all about it if you bring them up.

  • Tends to look up to more seasoned adventurers.

  • Almost always willing to help those in need


I would prefer to keep OOC interaction limited to scheduling and discussing RP, or the game itself. Please understand that this is only a personal preference based on my desire to keep my life separate and maintain my privacy. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me on Discord!

Our Story so far...

Talha Olobi was born the youngest of four daughters to Mashi Olobi and Rysha'to. Her childhood and formative years were spent living a nomadic lifestyle in Ilsabard with her mother and sisters; Mashi kept her daughters mostly secluded, avoiding towns and the Garlean Empire. Being the most energetic and hot-headed of her family, Talha grew up often being regarded as the childish baby sister.

Determined to prove both to her family and herself that she was more than this, Talha one day informed her mother that she wished to travel abroad, to learn and grow on her own. Mashi allowed Talha her freedom, noting that her youngest daughter was no longer a child and more than capable of following her own desires. Talha bid farewell to her family, the only world she had ever known, and began her journey.

Her first destination was Ul'dah, where she spent moons training at the Pugilists' Guild, learning how to properly throw (and take) a punch. Though she was hungry for new experiences, nothing could truly prepare Talha for being out in the world and on her own. Those first few weeks proved lonely. The crowded streets of the Sultana, the overwhelming heat of the Thanalan desert, and the seedy underbelly of Ul'dah's criminal underworld left her feeling homesick (though she would never admit it), but it would take nothing short of divine intervention by the Twelve themselves to make Talha give up on her goals.

Eventually, Talha found herself running precariously short on gil and seeking stable employment. Her search brought her to Shroudrose, a teahouse frequented by all manner of people and operated by Faye Covington, the establishment's elegant and cunning proprietress. Talha was hired by Covington as security and placed under the supervision of Yen'to Tajaan, Shroudrose's often beleaguered head of security.

Talha quickly came to view Shroudrose as her new home, and bonded with her coworkers and the patrons at the teahouse - most notably, Primrose, a former viera bard with experience in the clandestine. The two became close friends and as good as sisters, protecting and looking out for each other at every turn.

Talha settled into her new life at the teahouse, but soon came to realize that she still had quite a ways to go if she wanted to make her dreams a reality. A chance encounter with a man called Borwulf would soon present her with the next step in her journey. Trained years ago by monks, Borwulf seemed to see potential in the young Keeper, though it was raw and yet to truly be honed. In his own enigmatic way, Borwulf extended a simple offer to Talha: if she were to travel East and seek him out, he would share with her the knowledge he had acquired from the Fists of Rhalgr before their fall years ago. Talha knew it was a journey she would have to make one day.

Life continued on as normal at Shroudrose, until one of Talha's coworkers, Sybil Chapman, found herself the target of a mysterious vendetta. Talha promised to help and protect Sybil, though she was powerless to prevent her friend from being abducted by Airell Little - a young woman with a personal and bitter grudge against Sybil. Fortunately, Sybil's imprisonment at Airell's hand would be short-lived, as Talha soon managed to find and rescue her. Though a difficult one, the ordeal brought both Sybil and Talha closer together, and they ended it as true friends.

It was during this time that Talha encountered another young Miqo'te while on a visit to Ul'dah - one who seemed as lost in the city as she had once been moons ago. Named Fergus Alvane, the young man was visiting the city with family, and Talha offered to show him around. The pair quickly found themselves smitten with each other and made plans to do something Talha had never experienced before: a date.

Talha and Fergus quickly gave in to their mutual feelings for one another. Though she was confused with this newfound passion, she was overjoyed and soon the two fell in love. For a time, Talha simply enjoyed her new home, her friends, and her first love. But things could not remain so perfect forever.

While training in the Shroud one afternoon, Talha was suddenly ambushed and brutally beaten by an elezen mage, Gannaix Treluste, who was both sadistic and completely devoid of any remorse. Talha only barely escaped the encounter with her life. Soon, with a little digging by Primrose, it became clear that Treluste had been sent by someone else to seize Talha, though for what purpose remained unclear.

Her near-death experience left Talha unconscious for two suns and her confidence in tatters. Knowing that Treluste was still out there, free to continue brutalizing others before inevitably coming for her again, Talha realized that it was time for her to travel East and seek Borwulf's training if she were to have any hope of defending herself the next time.

More than that, Talha admitted to herself that she had become far too comfortable at Shroudrose, having put off her training with Borwulf for moons because she had been so unwilling to leave. She had left the comfort of her home and her family, only to then find it elsewhere. Though heartbroken, Talha left Shroudrose, determined to continue her journey.